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The Armor of God - Put It On, And Practice!

About This Book

Why should you get a copy of this book?
To get a deeper understanding of this important Bible topic!
Did you know that there is "PREPARATION" for wearing and effectively using God's Armor?
This book not only studies the "Armor of God", but it also examines that which is documented both before and after what is traditionally known as "the Armor".

Bible Facts About God's Armor:
* Did you know that the Armor of God is inextricably tied to the Word of God?
* Did you know that the Armor of God is deeply linked to maturity in relationships?
* Did you know that the Armor of God is effective through prayer?
This relatively short (about 50 pages) and highly focused book will delve into the various pieces of the "Armor", and will prayerfully result in a deeper understanding of the subject.

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About The Author


Robert (Bob) Dallmann has been a follower and servant of Jesus Christ since December of 1983.
Bob is currently a director of ChristLife, Inc., a Bible teacher, the leader of an evangelistic outreach, a full-time employee, and most important on this earth, a family man.
Bob’s love for God and His Word, combined with his interesting way of looking at things, should make this a thought-provoking read.  If you have ever wondered about this enigmatic figure, Melchisedec, this book should pique your interest.

Book Reviews and Feedback

In Context

The addition of the Greek words and the meaning of the Greek words in the context of what Paul the apostle wrote, makes this book a must-read.


This is an excellent study of the passage in Ephesians 6 where we are exhorted to put on the entire armor of God. Each article of clothing is vitally important. If any one is missing we could easily lose out to the enemy. The armor is compared to what the Roman soldiers would have worn. Each piece is explained and how they all work together. This book made me inwardly squirm as it was a reminder to use the armor more effectively by being grounded in the Word of God. I would recommend this book to all Christian readers.

Solid Breakdown

This is a little pamphlet type of book and is quite lovely. It breaks down some questions that people might have about passages and puts it in a really easy to understand form. I found this book to be enjoyable and a nice change from the normal books that I spend most of my day reading. This is lovely and I would recommend that other people pick up a copy of this.

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Book Reviews and Feedback

Excellent Study

An excellent Bible study...grounded in solid, orthodox biblical doctrines skillfully tied to scripture. This book covers the standard issues that should be checked-off as discussed in a Bible study focused around Ephesians 6:1-20.

I especially liked the comment on page 15 that all Bible study leading to knowledge should glorify God and not the self...and that all of the action of wearing and using the armor of God is through the power of the Spirit.


I also liked the use of the New Testament Greek words and their definitions.


A fine work of biblical scholarship and teaching. I would highly recommend this book for individual study and for group Bible study.


Good book to read and understand!


Great Bible Study

Great bible study tool on the Armor of God. I learned so much with this little book. It may be little but it’s filled with a LOT! So much explanation of putting on and wearing the Armor of God. We need each day to get up and put on the whole Armor of God. It will help us to stay close to God and keep us walking in the path of God. I want to thank the author for the opportunity to read and review his book. My review is my own. Recommended for everyone, especially Christians and those interested in the Bible.

Beyond A Sunday School Lesson

The author takes the reader beyond the Sunday school lesson about the armor of God and gives us roots to prepare us for the war every Christian is in....a Spiritual war. This study delves into each component of the armor that God gives us and encourages us to do our part, which is to put it on. Going thru the lessons in this book, it helped me to realize the importance of obedience, faith, and knowing God’s word, and that God WANTS me to be strong and He has given me the tools to be effective in the battle against satan.


I learned so much from this study on the armor of God! The author brought in a different perspective I've never heard before concerning raising children using the armor of God! It makes sense!

He explains how each piece of armor is based on a Roman soldier's uniform & how each piece points to the word of God!
I really appreciate his explanation of the difference between soul & spirit!


I've never heard that before.

I also appreciate how each point is based on scripture.

This author encourages the reader to look at a subject we've heard many times from a different perspective. It was well worth the read!


This is a well-written book. All of Robert's books are well-written and researched...A lot of good teaching!

Essential Information

Not a lengthy book, "The Armor of God~Put It On and Practice" offers details about what the Bible says regarding the subject, primarily in the book of Ephesians. This study presents Christians with an explanation of God's armor and how it applies to living a life of faith and following the Word of God.  Christians must "put on" the armor of God in order to stand strong against evil.

Each piece of armor has its own meaning, but Christians must practice "wearing" all of it. One-piece will not work without the others. This book gives Christians an understanding of what God's armor represents, based on the Bible. While brief in pages, Robert Dallmann's book offers essential information for all who seek to prepare for battle against Satan. It is a spiritual battle faced every day. Only by following God's instruction can we protect ourselves from evil.

"The Armor of God~Put It On, And Practice" provides the reader with a guide to a better understanding of what it means to live a Christian life. A life lived as God desires and commands. It is a worthy study!

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