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Baptisms - One? Many? Or Both?

About This Book

Why should you get a copy of this book?

There is so much confusion about the various baptisms mentioned in the New Testament.  Many Christians think that every time they see the word “baptism” that water is involved.

* Did you know that there are eight or more “baptisms” mentioned in the New Testament?

* Did you know that not all of the baptisms noted in the Bible are for believers?

* Did you know that there are two (possibly four) baptisms that actually involved water, and only one of those should be practiced by Christians?

This book is an effort to help bring clarity to the various baptisms mentioned and taught in the Bible.

If one does not understand which baptism they are speaking about, misunderstanding and erroneous interpretations are likely to follow.

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About The Author


Robert (Bob) Dallmann has been a follower and servant of Jesus Christ since December of 1983.
Bob is currently a director of ChristLife, Inc., a Bible teacher, the leader of an evangelistic outreach, a full-time employee, and most important on this earth, a family man.
Bob’s love for God and His Word, combined with his interesting way of looking at things, should make this a thought-provoking read.  If you have ever wondered about this enigmatic figure, Melchisedec, this book should pique your interest.

Book Reviews and Feedback

Brings Clarity

Brings clarity to a confusing topic. God is not the author of confusion. I like how the various theories were presented and given space for examination. The author is presenting truth in what seems to be a humble, sincere spirit.

Sometimes doctrinal booklets are purposefully critical of other positions. But this just puts the Scripture out there for consideration with a little highlighting and connecting of the dots to see the plain truth available to all. You know something is right when it is simple. I want to express gratitude to the author for exerting the effort and prayer time necessary to properly arrange this helpful information.

Excellent Study

This book provides an excellent study of an often confusing subject. Before I read it, I knew virtually nothing about the subject. Now, I feel that I'm much better prepared to discuss baptisms with others. The thing I liked the most was the 4-Question test, and the summary at the end. This will make it easy to go back and quickly review the book's basic tenets. Well done!


Very Educational

I learned so much from this study on baptisms! I never knew there were so many in the bible! The 4 questions are a good study tool to help define & explain each baptism. I greatly appreciate that each point is based on scripture!!!


I really enjoyed going through this study!

Book Reviews and Feedback

Subject of Baptisms

in this book, Robert Dallmann presents the subject of baptisms as they appear in the Bible. Before reading "Baptisms-One? Many? Or Both?" I must admit that I did not give much thought to baptisms and how they differ. I certainly knew and read about baptisms in the Bible, but really didn't focus on the subject in depth. This very informative study has changed that. I now have a better understanding of the subject.

At the beginning of this book, the reader is presented with four questions to ask as they study the Bible:

1) Who is doing the baptizing?
2) Who is being baptized?
3) Into what are they being baptized?
4) What is the purpose of the baptism?


There are different types of baptisms discussed in the Bible. Not all are related to water. In fact, baptism in water is not needed for salvation. Salvation comes from repenting and having faith in Jesus, therefore, at the moment we accept Jesus and ask to be forgiven, we are baptized into the body of Christ.

This book explains the different baptisms in the Bible and what they mean. The " Believer's Baptism" is the one which is important to Christians. This is the baptism by water which Christians should practice. It is the baptism which represents salvation.

I found this book to be very interesting and very useful. It presents baptism factually and is an outstanding resource for personal Bible study.

Great Book

This is a great book on the different baptisms in the New Testament of the Bible. If you didn’t realize there were different baptisms, then this book is for you.


If you always thought, baptism was only to do with water, then this book is for you. It’s a great study tool. I learned so much, because I knew about water baptism and the baptism of the Holy Ghost, but was confused on the others.


This book helped me to study with a “Four Question Test” you apply as you’re studying and it will help you understand more. It’s just a great little book and study tool. I thank the author for giving me the opportunity to read and review with my honest views and opinion. I truly appreciate it greatly.

Equip the Saints

One thing is clear as you read this book, the author's number one desire is to equip the saints. He digs deep into the word of God and takes us, the readers, with him.


This book is great for a group or an individual study with precise lessons and follow-up questions. A valuable tool that Robert Dallmann stresses is the importance of context when it comes to scripture.


He tackles head-on controversial topics as well as educating the different references to Baptism, such as John's Baptism, the Believer's Baptism, and more, using the "Four Question Test." I highly recommend this book.

A Gift

This book was a gift from the author, both in the literal sense that he loaned it to me so that I could review it and because it was used of God to remind me of His ever-renewing power.

As usual with studying Scripture, the author's argument that context is key is crucial for a biblical perspective. He reminds us that baptism has different meanings in different places, and he encourages us to investigate who is doing the baptizing and what the meaning in that particular text is. Baptism of the Spirit, he challenges, is essential, and it has nothing to do with getting wet. Water baptism, in his analysis, is an act of subsequent, loving obedience and testimony before men.

The text has the tone of a topical teaching, and this is neither good nor bad. Ringing phrases are absent, but perhaps the author is conscious of a desire not to get in the way of the wonder of his subject.


Very eye opening

I did not expect to learn there was so many baptisms in the New Testament. This book did a good job briefly explaining the difference between them and their importance. This is a very insightful book and brings clarity and gives you tips for your own personal study on baptisms.

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