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A Christianity That Really Works

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About This Book
Successful, victorious, Spirit-led, Christian living IS POSSIBLE!  Believe it or not!  This book by Pastor Marr gives some valuable insights into godly living.
Do you long to reach God's heart but rarely seem to get as close to Him as you would like? There is a way to succeed in the Christian life! Ron Marr offers hope and encouragement to every believer who is looking for continuous personal revival in his or her life. This book is practical and applicable to life right now.

About The Author
Pastor Ronald Marr was the founder of ChristLife, Inc.  He was a prolific writer, who loved Jesus and had an intense desire for deeper realities of Christian living.
We are very pleased that the Lord has called us to continue this ministry, and keep Pastor Marr's messages available world-wide.
If you want more information about Pastor Marr, please visit the Pastor Marr Memorial page on this web site.

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Book Reviews and Feedback
On Amazon - March 13, 2014 - A book to read when 'trying to live the Christian life' just isn't working out. - By Lizzie B.
Pastor Marr explains some incredibly important truths about the Christian life in this book. Namely it is not all about 'keeping a list of dos and don't's or living the Christian life in YOUR own effort. It's about dependency upon Christ.
There are a lot of Scripture citations - so that you can look up the passages for yourself and really soak in the truth of God's Word.
The book is broken down into several small chapters - so it can be treated like a 'devotional' style read. The best thing is to read it slowly, in small doses and truly absorb the lessons that Pastor Marr is teaching about the Christian walk in this book.
Especially recommended for weary saints who are feeling worn out in doing a lot for God, or for those who believe 'there must be more to the Christian life than this'. If you are struggling, this book can be an incredible encouragement to you.



From a Letter to the Ministry

Somehow I ran across "A Christianity that Really Works" on, and I almost didn't order it because I have read so many books on that topic, and they just didn't seem to help me.
But this book is helping me tremendously!  I am seeing my independence and pride and how they have blocked God's work in my heart.  This is a hard lesson, but it is true.
I just found out that Pastor Marr has died, and I feel so bad about that!  I'm happy for him, but I so wanted to tell him how much his book means to me!
Why don't more people know about this great book?!  I am going to share it with everyone I know who is seeking a deeper walk with Christ.
I will be visiting your site faithfully.
Thank you for continuing this much-needed ministry of teaching.

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