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The Great Escape

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About This Book

If you love Jesus, you care for those He died in such awful agony to save! You can't stand the idea that your loved ones might miss heaven and spend eternity in hell. Or anyone else for that matter... But you haven't known what to do about it.

Here's your answer! We're placing in your hands a marvelous new tool to lead them to Christ. It's the book, The Great Escape.

About The Author
Pastor Ronald Marr was the founder of ChristLife, Inc.  He was a prolific writer, who loved Jesus and had an intense desire for deeper realities of Christian living.
We are very pleased that the Lord has called us to continue this ministry, and keep Pastor Marr's messages available world-wide.
If you want more information about Pastor Marr, please visit the Pastor Marr Memorial page on this web site.

Book Reviews and Feedback

We have received testimonies of how the Gospel message in this book has changed people's lives.
The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16), and this book presents the Gospel.  Why not get a copy and give it to family or friends?  Perhaps you could use it as a holiday gift (birthday, Christmas, etc.)

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