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Melchisedec - A Character Study

About This Book

Why should you get a copy of this book?
The High Priesthood of Jesus Christ is patterned after the Order of Melchisedec.  Obviously, this is an important fact.
There are many cult and occult groups that have invented "Melchisedec Order" priesthoods.  A solid Bible-based investigation of "Melchisedec" will help prepare you for conversations with members of these groups.
Bible Facts About Melchisedec:
* Melchisedec is a "mysterious" Bible character.
* He is mentioned by name only twice in the Old Testament.
* The entire chapter of Hebrews 7 is centered on Him.
* He is named in only three books of the Bible.
* On seven occasions the Bible tells us that Jesus is a Priest after the order of Melchisedec.
This relatively short (about 60 pages) and highly focused book will delve into the characteristics ascribed to Melchisedec in the Bible.  The book will review each attribute and compare them with Jesus Christ since He is a Priest after the order of Melchisedec.
He must be important!  Get this character study and see what the Bible has to say about this "King of Righteousness."

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About The Author


Robert (Bob) Dallmann has been a follower and servant of Jesus Christ since December of 1983.
Bob is currently a director of ChristLife, Inc., a Bible teacher, the leader of an evangelistic outreach, a full-time employee, and most important on this earth, a family man.
Bob’s love for God and His Word, combined with his interesting way of looking at things, should make this a thought-provoking read.  If you have ever wondered about this enigmatic figure, Melchisedec, this book should pique your interest.

More Book Reviews and Feedback

THOROUGH Study - This study does a point by point, text by text breakdown of who Melchisedec was according to the Bible. I had read and heard of Melchisedec several times throughout my Christian walk, but I usually breezed over what I read because I always thought of him as obscure and I knew nothing about him. I am so glad I read this book. What a WONDERFUL Lord and Savior we have in Jesus Christ. Our King of Kings, our High Priest, our EVERYTHING.

For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen. (Rom 11:36)


Very Good - I rate this book 5 stars . Lots if information back up with the Word. I would say every one needs to read this book!

Great Bible Study on Melchisedec! - I was excited and had high anticipation while reading this book. I have been a Christian for over twenty years and Melchisedec has always been a character in the Bible I never really could figure out.

After just a few chapters in this book, the evidence presented made perfect sense. While this person from the Old Testament does not affect our salvation, understanding who he is can help our walk with God.


I found this book very interesting and very much Biblically based.


The case is made! - This is a great resource about a subject that I had heretofore not been familiar with.


The most interesting thing I discovered is the overwhelming evidence of Melchisedec's Christ-like qualities.


I came away from the study being thoroughly convinced.


This book, although it is not long in its actual length, provides the scriptural punch I like to see from someone who writes about the Lord. Well done!


Inspirational! - Melchisedec has always been a mysterious person in the Christian Bible.


I have never thought to study him in depth, though clearly he is very important.


This short book makes the case convincingly about who he is, and it is a mind blowing revelation.

I would recommend this book to everyone who considers themselves to be a Bible believing Christian.


Excellent Support - Robert, Just finished your e-book. Very well done - excellent support for your conclusion that the pre-incarnate Jesus was Melchizedek... Congrats on a fine publication.

Letter From a Christian Attorney and Author:

Dear Bob:

I have read your book MELCHISEDEC, and it is magnificent. Your writing style is clear and cogent, and holds one's interest until the book has been read in one sitting.


All-in-all, a superb job.

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Book Reviews and Feedback

5 Star - I won this book via a good-reads giveaway contest.
This book is an interesting comparison of Melchisedec and Jesus Christ.

The author sheds light on this mysterious character in the Bible, Melchisedec is only mentioned a mere handful of times in the Bible, 2x in the OT and in one entire chapter In Hebrews in the NT.


I would recommend all to read this.


Many times we remember the stories of the Biblical historical figures that are constantly spoken of (Abraham, Lot, Noah, Moses, Jesus, John, Luke, Mark, Mary, Samaritan woman, etc ) yet we forget the roles of other individuals whom were of significance.

It was amazing - 5 Star - Get to know Melchisedec/Melchisedek in relation to Jesus Christ. A truly inspiring and educational awareness!

How can this king-priest be the head of an order to which Jesus belongs?

Bob Dallmann is a man of solid integrity, deep reflection, and profound commitment to his Lord, Jesus.

In this brief study, Bob brings forward the significant character Melchizedek (or, as the King James crew and Bob have it, Melchisedec), a striking figure who appears only twice in the Bible--king of (Jeru)Salem and priest of God Most High, offered a tithe by the patriarch Abraham (Genesis 14), and then resurfacing in three chapters (5-7) of the closely-knit argument of Hebrews.

He may spark quick questions in most minds--who IS this guy? And what's he doing in my Bible? For Bob, there are no insignificant words in scripture, and here he shares the fruit of his prayerful, careful reading and reflection concerning this person, whose priestly order includes Jesus, and who is the namesake of the senior priesthood claimed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Hope that's enough to encourage you to read this for yourself. With suitable humility, Bob Dallmann makes no final claims for his hypothesis, leaving judgment to God and your opinions on these matters to Important questions, careful research, and cautious conclusions from a man of faith and integrity.

Well done. Worth reading!


Puzzle Solved - 5 Stars Review - The occasional times I ever considered Melchisedek I would be puzzled who He might be. When I came across this book I was intrigued and decided to read it. The author makes it very clear that Melchisedek is none other than Jesus Himself. All of my questions have been answered. It is so clear that what the Bible says is true!

Great resource - 5 Stars Review - Melchizedek is a hard to understand person in scripture. The author does a great job supporting his supposition that Melchizedek is the pre incarnate Christ. Nicely done.

Well-researched and written, 5 stars - A closer look at Melchisidec brings deeper understanding of Jesus and God's plan of salvation. The author makes a strong case for Melchiisidec being a pre-incarnate appearance of Christ, and the passages used enable Christians to recognize God's direction and power from Genesis throughout the entire Bible. Well-researched and written, 5 stars.

Seriously Well Worth Reading - This book is seriously well worth reading. For me, its opening and obvious love of the Lord is excellent. It reads well throughout addressing its subject matter interestingly and in-depth.

Great Book! - An excellent book for those who do not know about the Order of Melchizedek. Very informative and easy to understand. The Author did a great job illustrating Bible verses. I would highly recommend it.


Melchisedec - The author used scripture to validate his opinion which I appreciate when studying the word of God. This study of Melchisedec is powerful.

Great Topic - Had never really put any thought into the subject before, but it appears to be a dearer subject then I thought. Keep up the great work.

Awesome - 

An interesting comparison of Melchisedec and Jesus Christ. You might also learn more about Melchisedec and Jesus than you knew at the start.

A Very Good Read - I have often wondered about Melchisedec but had never looked deeply into the Scripture about him! This book was certainly very helpful in a road to discovery!

An Excellent Study - This book sheds light on a mysterious character in the Bible who is only mentioned a handful of times.
What this book truly underlines, is that everything in the Bible is significant - even things only mentioned a time or two.

The author ties OT and NT passages together very well, and the use of Strong's Numbers helps to clarify his points. An excellent read for students of the Bible and all Christians.

Cloaked in Transparency - After reading this wonderful study on Melchisedec, I concluded that its author, Mr. Dallmann, is most likely a Biblical Criminologist.

One of my favorite stories in the bible is the Road to Emmaus and how "their eyes were opened," because of what Jesus said and did and then disappeared before their eyes.


Mr. Dallmann takes us on that road with Melchisedec, reminding every student of the bible that although God's word is seemingly cloaked in a form of biblical code, a persistent character study can reveal that the Messiah is truly transparent in all the books of the bible.

To truly appreciate the depth of this character study, I believe the reader must take off the glasses prescribed by 'time', and listen to what is revealed through the eternal message.


Well Researched - A well researched study on an interesting figure in the Holy Bible. The author's conclusions appear to be biblically sound.

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