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Spiritual Dynamite

About This Book
It may seem impossible to rest contentedly in God in the midst of physical or emotional pain, time pressures, the follies and foibles of people, our own foolishness and sin, religious persecution, or lack of enough money to pay the bills. But when we turn in simple worship to the God who is ENOUGH - like Paul, we can be content, for he said, "I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content." (Phil. 4:11)

Just to be willing, by God’s enabling, to worship the Lord and rest in Him whatever the circumstances He is permitting at the moment - that's spiritual dynamite!

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About The Author
Pastor Ronald Marr was the founder of ChristLife, Inc.  He was a prolific writer, who loved Jesus and had an intense desire for deeper realities of Christian living.
We are very pleased that the Lord has called us to continue this ministry, and keep Pastor Marr's messages available world-wide.
If you want more information about Pastor Marr, please visit the Pastor Marr Memorial page on this web site.

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Book Reviews and Feedback
On Amazon - March 13, 2014 - helpful and encouraging read - By Lizzie B. (Northern California, CA)
Pastor Marr seeks to encourage those who have stumbled on their Christian walk.
Maybe you believe 'The Christian walk is just too hard' or that you have made some errors after coming to the Lord that you are not finding peace and recovery from - I can say this book will help and encourage you, and strengthen you in your walk.
You'll read about struggles of other saints and be very uplifted by what the Pastor shares in this book.

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